Initial proposal of Ideas and concepts for R.E.D and Grad Film

Starting third year I have been assigned a new module which focuses on my own personal research and development, for this I aim to look into three subjects which interest me or of which I am not the most confident.
I already had some ideas on what it was I wanted to work on this year before being assigned this module so I have a few sources I can already bring in to this.
I want to look into a few areas that currently interest me, these ideas can all link up however and follow into my final major film.​
My main area of development for this module is to improve my cinematography and camera abilities as I feel that I am lacking in that area.​
To rectify this I have begun looking into unique visual styles of film making, these styles include manipulation of colour, space, shape and time, something that I have already tinkered with.​
Taking my previous experiments and fully fleshing them out I feel will give me a new way of looking at a shot as it will reveal new dimensions I may currently not be seeing.
For this module I want to look into slow motion and try to take it forward into the final major film, my main reason for this is due to the fact I will be able to look into space and shape manipulation. ​
Using a mixture of water and food colouring will allow the shapes and colours to distort, capturing this in slow motion will hopefully produce a set of atmospheric shots and could lead into what I feel will be an interesting and suprising style of visuals.

The first idea for this module is looking into the dynamics of slow motion.
I have always been interested in slow motion and have played around with it before but never really utilised it to its full potential.
I have recently found a plug in for Adobe premiere which allows you to slow a shot down to 4000X the speed which will be interesting to use for a number of reasons, the first being whether or not the plug in actually works the way its designed to as taking a normal shot and slowing it down immensely may ruin it, the benefits of using this plug means that it will allow me to improve upon my editing skills as well as technical skills.
Another reason this will be a strong idea will be due to the subject being shot, I want to try and capture various movements of water to see how it flows and watch the shapes it creates. This will also be a good idea as it will allow me to focus on the cinematography of the shots which will in turn improve my skills in other areas.
I have a few other ideas for subjects to work with, the main one being a snow globe as I feel I can capture various dynamic and interesting shots, I also want to try and use a lava lamp in this style to create similar surreal effects.

My second idea for this module focuses on animated storyboards, the idea came from watching a short film titled ‘2am in the pm’ (J.G Quintel 2007) which features animated storyboards but gives off its own distinctive style, I want to try my hand at creating something similar to test my abilities but to also improve upon my visualisation of ideas as I normally never do storyboards. This would also be a good project to undertake due to my interest in working on an animated film, it would be a good starting point to understanding the process as a whole but at the same time develop my pre production skills.
I feel this would an interesting project for me creatively as I would be allowed to make anything happen, I wouldn’t be limited to any restrictions bar my own imagination.

My third and final idea for this module is the one that is most fleshed out, the piece itself revolves around the philosophical prospect of time. For this film I want to really focus on my camera work, the cinematography of the shots most of all as I feel that area is one of my strengths that I neglect.
Using this project to improve on little aspects of camera work will be a massive help in the long run especially when it comes to making the final major film for this year.
The story itself focuses on the final days of a mans life and his thoughts on his life as a whole, the man begins to talk about how his life was constantly measured by deadlines and the ticking of the clock, from this I want to delve into what we perceive time to be as a whole, is it merely a man made construct to count down our days or is it something more?
I have researched this topic heavily and have a number of resources which I feel will help me in the coming weeks not only for this module but the final major film if I take this project forward throughout the year.

Resources gathered so far:


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