Extra thoughts on my project

From the start of this project I had stated that I wanted to improve the composition of my shots as this was an area I felt I had previously been lacking in. I had decided to shoot a slow motion underwater video as I felt that would be one of the easier ways to showcase my development while gaining some pretty atmospheric shots. From shooting underwater footage of liquids colliding I felt I would be able to gain experience in capturing manipulation of space, shape and colour this however didn’t work out as I was unable to get the resources I needed.
This meant that I would have to try and implement some of the elements from this initial idea in to whatever it was I would shoot.
I kept this in mind when I went on my client shoot at Mount Edgecomb, it had a wide variety of environments which would allowed me to capture my original proposed experiments but in a completely different way.
When it came to capturing footage which focused on colour, I found it quite easy as the location had a large variety of lush wildlife, I tried to capture this diversity in the landscape by shooting more than one type of plant life at a time, for example shooting a vibrant blue flower then pulling focus onto the green leaves behind it. I felt that while framing one main colour got my point across, pulling focus and combing the colours of two different flowers gave the shot a lot more contrast making it much more appealing to the eye.

I play with colour in many of my shots for this piece however I found that light also had a big part to play. I was up at Mount Edgecomb for two days, one for a location rec and the second for the actual event, each of these days had vastly different atmospheres due to the lighting and the weather.
The first day was misty with the sky being a pure grey making the natural light very dull and even creepy at times. I used this natural light and the fog around the estate and used it to create a sense of feeling lost and trapped in confined spaces. To create this effect I used very close up shots that had a naturally darker element to them, my favourite being of a pied piper statue.
The statue while in a bright light such as it was on the second day looked quite interesting and approachable however on the first day the grey tones and mist made it feel almost omnibus and menacing. I wanted to capture that feeling and shot it from many different angles to give it the sense of it moving ever closer to the viewer.

In the main piece I had gathered 4 interviews from the people around the event, I then used these interviews to construct a narrative for the film, I did this because it was extremely helpful when mapping out a timeline as it gave the film chapters.
Using the audio from the interviews I was able to emphasis some of the shots I had gathered, an example of this is when my interviewees are talking about inspiring children or giving them that creative spark. I used this audio as I felt it was a powerful yet understated comment, then overlaying footage of the kids playing and making art made the quote that much more impactful as it was being shown right to the viewer rather than them just being told about it.

Over the course of this project I focused on light as I needed to learn how to work with manipulated light and natural light.
I worked on the manipulation of colour as I needed to learn how to compose a shot and also how to correct it to make it much more vibrant and pleasing to the eye.
I wanted to work on the use of space on a set/location as it would teach me how to create an atmosphere with limited resources.
Most importantly I wanted to work on my cinematography as I have been lacking in that area and only by improving upon it would I get closer to working as a director later on down the line.


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