Artist statement

I find that film captures the essence of what it means to be alive, showing the world around us in a unique light that urges us to experience new things while allowing an insight to new perspectives.
To me film shows the hidden beauty behind the world we live in, connecting us in a way beyond words by allowing us to come together and share emotions for a brief yet powerful experience,
I think about this every time I sit down to work on a new project.

My influences range from directors like Masaaki Yuasa and his work on the series known as Tatumi Galaxy to more known directors like Zach Braff and his films Garden State and Wish I was here.
The unique visual style presented within the Yuasa’s work and the anime genre in general has not only entertained me but changed the way I think about the composition of a scene, this is reflected within my script writing and directorial style allowing me to create scenes filled with a powerful yet distinctive visual aesthetic.
My writing aims to explore the human condition and the hidden struggles behind everyday life, the aim for my work is to not only speak to a select demographic but people from all walks of life allowing that collective emotional experience that I define film to be.


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