Here is the poster that I designed for my script Mako, when creating the poster I wanted to use a blend of colour to grab someones attention. I found using warm reds and yellows mixed in with blues and purples would create quite a visual contrast, in doing so I felt that it would capture the surreal elements of my script with its juxtaposing composition.
The idea for this poster came from looking into minimalism, although this poster no longer holds true to the minimalist style it lead to end result.
I found graphic artist James Bacon online and saw the fan made posters he had created for the Studio Gibli films, each was unique in itself that while using the same style the contrast of colours and simple shapes really made the art stand out and grabbed your attention. I tried to replicate this style myself initially with my first poster idea but after a while it fell flat as I found that I wasnt creating my own original work, I was simply copying his.
I then decided to use more real looking textures while blending in anime artwork, by doing so I feel the composition works on many levels, not only are there many different elements to look at it but it also feels as if you are looking at of two worlds merged together.

tumblr_n5onefmdfl1tqdy05o5_1280 here is the James Bacon poster that I originally tried to base my work on.
mako poster edit 2 here is the first poster that I tried to create, as you can see the work is very similar to Bacon’s and that is why I decided to steer away from this style, you can see in the finished poster that some elements remain but has been changed for the better.


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