My journey throughout these modules and the questions I have tried to answer

Throughout these two modules C.P.D and C.P.R I have struggled, within the confines of CPD it is about your own development as a film maker, what job role do you want, where do you want your work to be seen? For me I didnt find these questions easy to answer, over the past few months I have struggled to find that creative spark resulting in a lack of enthusiasm, this has been infuriating due to the deadline approaching making these questions seem more even more important and difficult to answer.
To overcome this I found it easier to answer one, one that answers all that CPD is trying to ask, Who am I?
While constructing our book for CPR I have looked back over my projects the last few years and its clear to see my strengths and my weaknesses. I am skilled as a camera operator and have a wide knowledge about the different ways to shoot a film, I utilized this last year working on the film ‘Nosy Neighbours’ and it really helped me hone in on what level of production I am happiest being a part of. I find I prefer working on others projects rather than my own as it enables me to work in a variety of environments and hone my technical skills, but my passion really lies in being a story teller.
Through collaborations with others on this module and helping them straighten out and conceive their story I find that I am most comfortable in the conceptual stage as it allows me to explore ideas that aren’t quite the norm.
This is why I have worked solely as a scriptwriter on this module, it has allowed to me to write ideas that aren’t limited by physical constraints.
Knowing this I have begun to take steps into pursuing this after uni by looking into jobs as a staff writer and honing my craft to a professional level. I find that for me I am happy for my work to be personal independent projects that don’t have to be made in the conventional sense, I am simply happy for the story to be told.
This leads me back to the question I have been trying to ask throughout this module, Who am I?
After months of ups and downs I think I have found my calling within film, as a writer, although that this may not of been the intended outcome or path I thought the course would take me on, I am happy it has as it allowed to explore a variety of projects and roles and see where my strengths and weakness lie.


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